Tour de Capet

Tour de Capet

Tour de Capet 2015

Climatic conditions

Early and relatively fast flowering and fruit set ensured sound fertilisation, setting the scene for homogeneous maturity. July was hot and dry, causing vine growth to slow, then to stop definitively before ripening. This brought added concentration to the grapes. Heavy winter rains had created sufficient water reserves to prevent the vines from suffering too much during the intense summer heat.

Vintage presentation

This vintage gave the winemakers much creative scope. « Very full-bodied and concentrated with lashings of fresh fruit, even strawberry, rarely seen since the 1990s »

From the vine to the glass

The different grape varieties matured fully, thanks to August and September being both relatively dry months but without excessive heat. During harvesting, the weather was moderately hot and slightly rainy, allowing for optimal maturity on each plot without risk of dilution or rot. Merlot grapes often hit 14 degrees with 13 degrees for the Cabernet. Grape health was absolutely perfect, with higher acidity levels than in other very hot regional vintages (2003 and 2009, for example), with thick, well-ripened skins. Gentle vinification techniques were used, by cap punching used to better control the vintage. Maturing in new barrels and one-wine barrels for a minimum of 12 months.

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