«The universal can only be reached by the ultra local»
Salvador Dali

Respect soil, plant matter and the environment. Encourage biodiversity and the beauty of wine-growing landscapes. This is our commitment.

Respect for terroir and vintage, taking into account the environmental and landscape dimensions: at Antoine Moueix Propriétés, we strive to respond to all these concerns as we make wine. Some of the estates have committed to the Environmental Management System implemented by the Conseil Interprofessionnel du Vin de Bordeaux, and have been certified High Environmental Value Level 3 and/or ISO 14001. This is all further proof of Antoine Moueix Propriétés’ commitment to a wine-growing management system which is increasingly respectful of humankind and the environment.

A team of avid enthusiasts working to reveal the full potential of the estates

The challenge is to bring wine lovers the full quality potential of each estate through terroir and grape varieties, while respecting the core values of respect for the earth and protection of nature.

We channel all our talent into expressing the full potential of the terroir through our wines, ensuring that origins and vintages will always prevail over name. To achieve this, we have assembled a passionate team of enthusiasts, in charge of one or two estates. These experts decide independently on the wine-making route the best adapted to the characteristics of the terroir: soil type, plant matter, nano-climate and human action. This is how we reveal the unique nature of each wine.