Climatic conditions

When we look back over our notes for the year, everything seemed perfect, or almost: a cold winter, ideal for vegetative rest and elimination of parasites. Rainfall to replenish water tables and the gradual return of spring temperatures, delaying budburst. The frost risk period was behind us, and at the end of April, vine growth and vineyard work resumed harmoniously, strong and vigorous. May offered efficient protection from fungal disease and June’s flowering season was perfect. Early July temperatures were moderate, rising gradually. There was an initial bout of hydric stress at fruit set, which was ideal. A generous, balanced harvest in perspective… No need to work on emerging branches or bunches. Nature had the vineyard calibrated to perfection. Summer seemed endless, with fine weather as the vineyard turned russet and resisted well, without blockage or wilting. Everything was just right… if September played the game, the number 5 spell could well come true! But no, in part of the Médoc vineyard, all hell broke loose in September… On the left bank, the vintage was forked: draw a 45th parallel from Saint Julien… Indian summer in the South, English summer in the north! 200 millimetres of rain fell during the ripening and harvesting periods!

Vintage presentation

Number ‘5’ is full of promise for wine numerology enthusiasts: 45, 55, 2005 and 2015.
The next great, brazenly glorious vintage after 2010! Five years is a long time to wait! Certainly, the lucky ones had the highly contrasted 2014 to enjoy in the meantime, but when would the big vintage, that would make the winegrower so proud of his terroir, come and hit us?

The aromatic panel is wide reaching, intertwined with red fruit. The tannic matrix is serious and ripe. Cabernet seems to dominate the blend. The wine “rises” on the palate and is slender with roasted notes which seemingly and increasingly, accompany its evolution in the bottle. The 2015 vintage has cellar potential but is ready to delight Cabernet Sauvignon lovers now. The wine is balanced, and a wonderful accompaniment for red meat, or even game..

Uncork a vintage 2015 today, and discover an elegant, sleek wine with that “drink me again” taste, which makes us forget the watery end of the journey. Fruit, ripe fruit, is present and the very measured maturing process finally made this a premium ambassador for contemporary, easy, complex wines.

From the wine to the glass

At Liversan, the soil filtered well, offering little inertia further to weather changes. Our beautiful grapes were picked ripe, but somewhat diluted, with incomplete aroma and taste.
Potential was so high that disappointment remained measured. And, after all, the wines would blossom during maturation. Bleeding would have made sense, but we can’t rewrite history, can we…


2015 fut un millésime remarquable au Château Liversan avec des conditions chaudes et sèches dès le printemps, peu de pression phytosanitaire. Les raisins furent récoltés mûrs et sains au moment choisi. A la dégustation, on trouve une robe limpide rouge opéra aux premiers reflets tuilés. Nez de fruits noirs confit et pruneau. Un vin élégant, aux tanins soyeux, avec un bois parfaitement fondu et utilisé pour soutenir la trame tannique naturelle. Belle persistance aromatique délicate. S’accordera très bien avec une un chapon farci aux marrons, un velouté de butternut automnale ou un gigot d’agneau aux champignons.

International Wine Challenge – Médaille d’argent
Neal Martin, Wine Advocate – 90 pts
James Suckling – 90 pts

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