Climatic conditions

2014 started very early with bud break 15 days ahead of schedule after a particularly mild winter. The spring trend quickly followed on from 2013 with frequent rainfall, however, with lower totals. The start of flowering, cool and very humid, did not bode well for a good harvest, but the warmer and drier conditions of mid-June made it possible to homogenize the end of the flower, with well-knotted Cabernets. Summer 2014 is characterized by frequent stormy episodes until almost mid-August with very little possibility of water deficit during the summer period. Veraison lasted more than a month, especially on the Merlots. It was the end of the month of August, which was particularly hot and dry, which allowed the establishment of water constraints on the drying sectors, with however a fairly large berry size and very dense foliage, which continued to grow very late in the season.

The Nord Médoc is the area of Bordeaux that received the least water during the summer period, and we could regularly observe phenomena of water restriction in the gravel sectors, suggesting a milder vintage for us.

Vintage presentation

Fruity aromas, notably of black cherries, cassis and plum, with a slight spicy note. Good concentration on the palate and scents of red fruits on the palate, extended by an aftertaste and a woody finish. Soft tannins and refreshing acidity. Pairs perfectly with roast beef or lamb with herbs such as rosemary, garlic and thyme, and accompanied by baked parsnips, celery and parsley roots.

From the vine to the glass

As the harvest approaches, the acidity is high with equally large berries, significantly diluting the phenolic potential, which is ultimately quite high compared to previous vintages. The very dry months of September and October (an unexpected Indian summer) then made it possible to wait patiently for optimal skin maturity, while allowing the water to evaporate from the berries and thus witnessing a high concentration of phenolic compounds, very qualitative.


The color is ruby red. The nose evokes sloe with a fine woody touch. The attack is ample, spherical where the expression of Merlot is dominant. The volume is also offered by the woodiness. The whole is patinated but a hint of acidity brings freshness to the finish. This construction makes this vintage accessible now when it seems to be at its peak of pleasure.

Concours de Bordeaux – Médaille d’or

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