Climatic conditions

Winter was cold and dry in January, then mild and rainy in March. The weather conditions provoked early budburst. At the end of April, severe frosts struck the vintage destroying part of the harvest. Mirefleurs is located on the heights of Yvrac in the outskirts of Bordeaux, thankfully sparing part of the vineyard from the impact of the frosts. Weather conditions were ideal at time of flowering. Thanks to a hot, dry summer, with some beneficial rainfall, grapes ripened in an even, balanced way.

Vintage presentation

With the power and complexity of Merlot, Château Mirefleurs wine was enhanced with 12-months maturing in barrels, 10% in new oak. The complexity of the woody notes blends perfectly with the rich flavour and roundness of Merlot.

From the vine to the glass

Harvesting began at the end of September, with Merlot grapes at perfect phenolic maturity. Cabernet-Sauvignon was, on the other hand, slightly under par in terms of phenolic maturity, but pleasantly fruity in taste.

Maceration and pumping over time was shorter than average, with wines expressing fine, fresh fruitiness. This freshness is also to be found on the palate.

Tasting Notes

“Pleasant freshness supporting the persistent fruity expression of this gourmet, elegant wine. Ideal paired with poultry. Cellar potential: 2019-2021.”
The 2020 Hachette guide

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