Climatic conditions

When we look back over our notes for the year, everything seemed perfect, or almost: a cold winter, ideal for vegetative rest and elimination of parasites. Rainfall to replenish water tables and the gradual return of spring temperatures, delaying budburst. The frost risk period was behind us, and at the end of April, vine growth and vineyard work resumed harmoniously, strong and vigorous. May offered efficient protection from fungal disease and June’s flowering season was perfect. Early July temperatures were moderate, rising gradually. There was an initial bout of hydric stress at fruit set, which was ideal. A generous, balanced harvest in perspective… No need to work on emerging branches or bunches. Nature had the vineyard calibrated to perfection.

Summer seemed endless, with fine weather as the vineyard turned russet and resisted well, without blockage or wilting. Everything was just right… if September played the game, the number 5 spell could well come true!

Alas no, in part of the Médoc vineyard in September, all hell broke out… On the left bank, the vintage was forked: draw a 45th parallel from Saint Julien… Indian summer in the South, English summer in the north! 200 millimetres of rain fell during the ripening and harvesting periods!

Vintage presentation

Number ‘5’ is full of promise for wine numerology enthusiasts: 45, 55, 2005 and 2015.
The next great, brazenly glorious vintage after 2010! Five years is a long time to wait! Certainly, the lucky ones had the highly contrasted 2014 to enjoy in the meantime, but when would the big vintage, that would make the winegrower so proud of his terroir, come and hit us?

From the vine to the glass

In Hanteillan, things were the same as at Liversan, except that limestone is boss here. In August, the soils and cultivated areas of the vineyard were able to buffer risks. Not completely though. It’s always the same old story.

Uncork a vintage 2015 today, and discover an elegant, sleek wine with that “drink me again” taste, which makes us forget the watery end of the journey. Fruit, ripe fruit, is present and the very measured maturing process finally made this a premium ambassador for contemporary, easy, complex wines.

Tasting Notes

The nose is already very expressive prior to the first aeration, and the second nose is reminiscent of blackberry and blackcurrant jam. A floral touch is discreetly perceived.
On the palate, the wine excites the taste buds, transmitting minerality and silkiness, with fine tannin concentration. When they loosen their grip, the tannins are soft and ripe.

The endless finish is borne on spicy notes. A veritable vibration invades you. A great wine now, but with cellar potential too; sweetness gradually fades to make way for more floral aromas, with the faded rose, so characteristic of Hanteillan limestone.

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